7 Effortless Ways to Upgrade Your Wardrobe on a Budget

7 Effortless Ways to Upgrade Your Wardrobe on a Budget

It feels great to dress up. Whether heading to a date night on the town or an important work meeting, a birthday party with family or a holiday party with friends. We love to look good while feeling good. And our outfit plays a big part in that.

But what do you do when your bank account is smaller than your wardrobe? What if your belt needs tightening more than just around your waist?

Put away your wallet, because there are many ways to freshen up your fashion without breaking the bank. Here is our list of seven effortless ways to upgrade your wardrobe on a budget.

Effortless Way to Upgrade Your Wardrobe on a Budget #1: Check your closet

When you’re starting a wardrobe upgrade, we recommend starting by taking an inventory of your closet. Take the time to pull out and organize your clothes. That way you can discover what important items you’re currently missing, and find some long-forgotten favourites as well. We all have shirts and pants tucked away at the bottom of our dresser.


There are also many ways to organize your wardrobe on the cheap. Check out AmazonBasics Zippered Storage Bag with Window, SimpleHouseware 5 Shelves Hanging Closet Organizer, or the Zober Hanging Purse Organizer for ideas on how to keep things tidy.

Effortless Way to Upgrade Your Wardrobe on a Budget #2: Care for your clothes

A great way to freshen your look is to refresh your clothes. No need to toss a pair of pants because there’s a rip in the knee. Find a Sewing Gear portable sewing kit to make the repair on the go. Shoes looking dull? Rub some Kiwi Black Shoe Polish and they will be good as new. Garments getting a little grubby? Grab a MagicPro Portable Steamer and smooth out those wrinkles. Your wardrobe will be ready for your next big event with a little bit of work. And don’t forget to pack a lint roller.

Effortless Way to Upgrade Your Wardrobe on a Budget #3: Add some accessories

Creating a new outfit with your existing wardrobe is easy with the right accessories. Complement a suit with shiny cufflinks or snazzy tie. Your favourite dress can be worn to a gala or a summer BBQ as long as you have the right purse for it. Adding funky socks will spotlight your shoes in a unique way. New belts, hats or watches are other inexpensive methods for sprucing up your style.

Effortless Way to Upgrade Your Wardrobe on a Budget #4: Save on shopping

It’s fun to shop for clothes online, and it’s easy to save while doing so. A variety of websites and apps like Honey, RetailMeNot and Rakuten offer coupon codes and cash back offers from hundreds of stores. Sock Mafia socks are always a great deal at $10 a pair. Many retailers also offer birthday discounts, savings for students. And remember to shop in the off season for important wardrobe essentials.

Effortless Way to Upgrade Your Wardrobe on a Budget #5: Host a clothing swap

Hosting a clothing swap with friends is a great way to upgrade your wardrobe for free, and be environmentally friendly. Your gently-worn clothes that you no longer wear find a new home, plus you’ll get to add new pieces to your closet. This keeps clothing from the landfill, and keeps your outfits looking fresh with your friends' help. Wine and good music are highly encouraged.

Effortless Way to Upgrade Your Wardrobe on a Budget #6: Hit up the Thrift Stores

In the immortal words of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, it’s awesome to pop some tags. Thrift Stores are a great way to discover new wardrobe pieces or full outfits on the cheap. Every town and city has Thrift Stores, and they support a variety of charities and community causes. So have fun looking for new shirts, pants, dresses and shows knowing you’re supporting a good cause. Happy Hunting!

Effortless Way to Upgrade Your Wardrobe on a Budget #7: Make room for timeless classics

It’s fun to add new items to our closet, but one of the best ways to keep your wardrobe on a budget is to keep classic outfits at the ready. A variety of office-ready dress shirts and skirts are always handy, and can be worn multiple times during a week. A vintage leather jacket is great in all seasons, and black dresses are perfect for multiple occasions. And dress socks from Sock Mafia add a sophisticated touch to any day.

How do you like to upgrade your wardrobe on a budget?

These are seven ways to upgrade your wardrobe on a budget, and now we want to know yours. Do you have a great idea to save while looking great? Let us know in the comments below.

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