8 Cheap Gifts For Coworkers You Can Get Today

8 Cheap Gifts For Coworkers You Can Get Today

Looking for a gift for a coworker?

Look no further, we’ve compiled 8 easy and cheap gifts to get for your favorite coworker today.


#1 Gift for Coworkers: Bottle of Wine

Nothing says “I’m a responsible adult” like rolling up to a dinner party or birthday with a freshly bought bottle of wine. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it can also contribute to a get together without breaking the bank.

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#2 Gift for Coworkers: A Book

Have a coworker that loves to read?

Why not think about picking up novel or biography for them to read. It might sound simple, but think about some common interests you’ve discussed and find a best selling book on that topic.

It makes for great brain food for them, and interesting conversations after.

#3 Gift for Coworkers: Tea Infuser

Know someone that drinks a lot of tea? Why not get them a hilarious new tea infuser.

We’ve seen them with designs stretching from manatee (get it “tea”) all the way to long neck dinosaurs that hang off the side of your cup.

Or try our personal favorite, the slow brew sloth tea infuser:

 gifts for coworkers

Available at Bed Bath and Beyond.

#4 Gift for Coworkers: Socks

Nothing says fun and practicality like a brand new pair of funky socks.

Know someone who likes tacos? Get them a pair of taco socks!

Know one that’s crazy about sharks? Why not snag them a pair of shark socks.

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No matter what they’re interested in, there’s a sock for that.

And the one of the best things about socks are they’re virtually one size fits all, and you can bet they’ll get some serious use out of them.

Check out the complete collection to see what might be a good fit.

#5 Gift for Coworkers: Desk Plant

Help your office buddy spruce up their desk with a new desk plant. These little potted gems often require little to no water, add great color to a space, and can help make the office feel a little more like home.

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For more office plant ideas, check out 19 Tiny Plants To Cheer Up Your Sad Work Desk.

#6 Gift for Coworkers: Box of Chocolates

Forrest Gump once said life was like a box of chocolates. Well now you can fill your coworkers life with a box of... well, chocolates…

You’re probably not going to get brownie points for originality, but a good old fashioned box of chocolate never hurt nobody (unless your allergic to peanuts and you eat a peanut chocolate, then you may die).

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#7 Gift for Coworkers: Movie Tickets

You can’t go wrong with some good old fashion movie tickets. Movie tickets are affordable, and are a great date night or night out with friends.

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#8 Gift for Coworkers: Candles

Tough week at work?

Why not gift your favorite co-worker a stress reducing candle. Candles add a nice ambiance, are relatively cheap, and never go bad so can be kept for extended periods of times before use.

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For a cool list of candles, check out BuzzFeed’s 23 Best Candles to Get on Amazon.

That's a Wrap

I hope that quick list give you some inspiration for your next gift idea! 

Have a favorite from the list? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below.