3 Reasons to Join a Sock of the Month Club

3 Reasons to Join a Sock of the Month Club

Picture this.

It’s 10:15 am  Monday morning. You’re glancing over your email inbox and BAM!!

Your HR manager messages you on slack.

“The Christmas party photos are out, we need to talk”.

Thoughts start racing through your head. “Why did you have to bring that shot ski??” “Maybe you shouldn’t have made Joanne from accounting slam that Smirnoff Ice before biking home”...

Your flurry of thoughts are interrupted by the swing of the office door opening beside you.

It’s the entire HR team.

They want to talk…

But just as you stand up from your chair to face your doom, another figure emerges from behind the door. It’s a UPS delivery man, and he has a package for you.

“My sock subscription!!” you exclaim, tearing away the swanky package to reveal a brand new pair of orange and blue pineapple socks.

“I love pineapples. Those are hilarious!!” exclaims Carl, the HR manager.

Everyone erupts into laughter. A round of high fives follows suit.

Joanne, in a neck brace and overhearing from across the office, throws up her right crutch and yells “F*cking pineapples!!!!”. 

The Moral of the Story

Some people seem to think that sock subscriptions are a “nice to have” or “just for a laugh”.

The reality, is that a monthly sock subscription can be much more than this.

In fact, in some (rare) cases, it might be able to save your job, lighten the mood in dark times, or even just provide an unexpected surprise in an otherwise mundane work week.

In case you’re curious why else you might want to join a monthly sock subscription, here are 3 of the best reasons to subscribe today:

#1 Reason to Join a Sock of the Month Club: Happier Life

We seem to think that the more choices that we have, the better our lives will be.

This is simply not the case.

American psychologist Barry Schwartz actually proved this in his book The Paradox of Choice when he examined a range of decisions ranging from grocery shopping, to career selection.

What he found was that an abundance of choice often has negative effects on an individual's overall levels of happiness, and can often result in loneliness or depression.

Mo Choice, Mo Problems

When we design our monthly sock subscription, we pick which socks to send based around one principle: how can we enrich your day, month, and year with these socks.

Leave what socks to wear up to us, and you can take care of the rest.

You’ll be happier, it’s science.

#2 Reason to Join a Sock of the Month Club: Makes a Great Gift

If I had a dollar for everytime someone said “insert person's name here” would love those socks, I would be broke.

And that’s because people typically don’t say “insert person’s name here” very frequently in a conversation.

But in all seriousness, funky socks are one of the best gifts for family, friends, colleagues, and even or romantic partners.

Just take a look at some of the different socks we have, and tell me if you don’t immediately think of someone close to you that might get some enjoyment from receiving a pair.

#3 Reason to Join a Sock of the Month Club: Delivered Straight to Your Home of Office

Let’s face it, leaving the house to get things sucks.

It’s a nice feeling knowing that no matter if there’s rain, or sleet, or snow on the ground, that your nicely packed funky socks are on their way to you each and every month.

And what’s even better, we’ll send them to the places you spend the most time. No matter if that’s work, home, or a friends house.

Oh, and did we mention that with Sock Mafia it’s always free shipping?

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