5 Reasons Socks are the Perfect Gift Idea

5 Reasons Socks are the Perfect Gift Idea

I know the feeling.

A special occasion is looming and you don’t have a clue what to to get someone as a gift.

You want to show them that you care, but you don’t have time to wander around a mall all day.

You’re busy. You have good intentions, but you’re stuck.

If only you could find them the perfect gift!

Well you’re in luck my friends, because believe it or not, socks can be the answer to your gift giving woes.

They’re personal, affordable, can be shipped virtually anywhere on the planet. Socks are one of the best ways of showing someone that “you get them”, without having to spend hours determining what they have and don’t have already.

So if you were on the fence about what to get someone, here are 5 of the best reasons to buy socks as your next gift.

Socks as the Perfect Gift Idea #1: They’re Personal

A gift is supposed to make someone feel special.

Ideally, a gift can show someone how much you care about them, and can reflect things you’ve talked about in the past, and how well attuned to are with their personal preferences.

Say for instance you know your best friend is a HUGE Star Wars fanatic.

Well why not get them a brand new pair of Chewbacca socks?

 Chewbacca socks as gift

Or better yet, why not get them the entire Star Wars collectable sock pack so they can show love for each of their favorite characters every day of the week.

star wars gift socks

Or say for instance one of your co-worker’s is a huge pineapple fanatic. They love the design, the love the taste, they just love everything about it.

Well why not show them that you didn’t tune out during their last pineapple rant by grabbing them a new pair of pineapple socks?

Pineapple gift socks

The possibilities are endless. But at the end of the day, taking that small nugget of information about what that special person in your life likes can go a long way.

Socks as the Perfect Gift Idea #2: One Size Fits All

I Remember I used to try to buy my mom and sisters clothing for their birthdays and Christmas when I was younger.

As I got older, I stopped doing that.

Who would have known that 50 year old women don’t like baggy bootcut jeans?

Well one of the reason I love giving socks as a gift now is that you don’t need to worry about sizing.

Generally the range of sizing for socks come standard for men and women, so once you find a design you like, you can confidently send socks as a gift knowing that the person who receives them will be able to get good use of them.

Sorry mom, no more baggy pants for you.

Socks as the Perfect Gift Idea #3: Easy to Ship

Chances are if you have a friend, family member, or significant other that lives abroad, you may have looked into shipping them something at some point or another.

And what you may have found is that shipping ain’t cheap. Especially worldwide.

Well rather than conceding to electronic products, or simply sending them a nice “happy birthday” text. Give them the gift of something real, of something physical.

Socks are one of the best items you can send them.

That’s because socks are small enough to fit into a small package, and can be shipped anywhere in the world for a fraction of what it would cost to send other items.

shipping socks

Socks 1 - Toaster oven 0.

Socks as the Perfect Gift Idea #4: Affordable

Especially around Christmas, things can get stressful financially.

You want to get people great gifts that show them how much you care about them, but you don’t want to break the bank in the process.

Well socks are one of the most thoughtful, personalized, and affordable gifts on the market today.

That’s because almost every pair of socks (especially at Sock Mafia), can be purchased for under $20.

Hows that for savings?

Socks as the Perfect Gift Idea #5: Practical

The only thing worse than breaking the bank to buy someone a gift, is breaking the bank to buy someone a gift they won’t use.

I know, it’s hard to believe your nephew won’t be using that pogo stick next year, right?

Well you will never have this problem with socks.

Everyone always needs socks, and we’re constantly wearing out the ones we have.

And compared to that Star Wars Return of the Jedi t-shirt that your buddies had collecting dust in his drawer for the past year, a pair of Star Wars socks can be worn with virtually every outfit without turning heads in the process.

That’s why if you’re in a pinch looking for what to get someone as a gift this year, look no further than socks.

We’ve got you covered.

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